Writing and submitting content for us FAQ’s

  1. What happens once I’ve sent my application? Once you have applied to be a Quack Creator (QC), you will receive an email confirmation with the outcome of your application.
  2. How do I submit an article? Once your application has been approved you will then get an invite to be a Contributor on the website, giving you access to upload articles for review straight to the website. You’ll receive an email invite to set up an account. From there, its really straight forward, and you can use the app on your tablet or phone as well. Make sure that when you’ve finished your article you hit ‘submit for review’ so we know the article is finished and ready to be published. If you’re article is set as ‘Draft’ and has been un-edited for more than 2 months and isn’t connected to any on going any requests for edits or images the article will be removed and you will have to submit the article again. We will contact you if this is the case before we remove your work.
  3. What happens when I submit content? Once you submit an article it will be reviewed by the Editor and published within 3 working days (please allow more time during busier periods, Welcome Week for example) – The overall composition of your content will be checked, including spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, simply to ensure coherence- Check the website to see your article is online after the 2 working days has passed. – Your content will be tagged into the most appropriate tab unless you state specifically where you would like it to sit. – We can tag your content in additional categories if it doesn’t fit into a specific area.
  4. What can I write about? You can pretty much write anything. The only things we won’t publish will be anything derogatory or abusive or that goes against what the magazine stands for. Articles on the SU Elections will be reviewed on a case by case basis at the minute, as will any articles that directly name another student or staff member at the University or in the SU. It’s all listed on our Terms and Conditions, but please let us know if you have any questions or issues with any of this.
  5. I’ve noticed something on the site that is similar to what I want to write about, can I still publish my article? This depends, but mostly yes. You will likely have varying opinions on the topic in question but if you’ve noticed that there’s already a review, for example, on the same subject you’d like to write about, perhaps approach the article from a different angle. Rather than overview of the film, or what was good or bad, write about what the film meant to you, and why you enjoyed it for example. We don’t want to take views from other writers, so try and make your content different to others.
  6. The 2 days have passed and my article still isn’t on the website? This might simply be because we haven’t had the time to approve the article, please bare with us and apologies for the delay! There also might be a few reasons why your content WONT be approved, this could include; any breaches to our terms and conditions, if it is difficult to read and needs more information, is similar to another article. – If your content is not uploaded for any of these reasons, you will be contacted with any amendments we’d like you to make, or the reason why, but this is unlikely.
  7. Can I take pictures and upload them to the website? YES! You can create a blog and include your pictures, we’ll post them like any other article. Please make sure these are your photographs and you are not infringing on anyones rights. Please be aware that we have limited storage for images on the site at the moment so we cannot include them in the ‘Gallery’ portion of the site. This is something we’re looking to upgrade in the future.
  8. Can I include pictures from the internet with my written content? Due to licensing, we can only use copyright free, specifically licensed pictures, which we would need to find and source appropriately. Please do not include any pictures that are not your own, unless you can credit the source. If you do include them, you are taking full responsibility for any copyright infringements those images might create. If you are unsure, simply don’t use the images.

Get in touch if you have any further questions. 

We reserve the right to withdraw any content that we deem to be in breach of our terms and conditions.

By submitting your content you pledge that the content submitted is yours and yours alone, and is not plagiarised. If we receive any reports of plagiarism or copyright infringements, your content will be removed from the website and you will be solely responsible for any subsequent actions taken.

By becoming a contributor or ‘QC’ to ‘The Quack’ you opt in to being contacted via email on updates to ‘The Quack’. This may included, but is not limited to, updates on the development of the website, requests for content, edits to your submitted content, and any other relevant information unless otherwise stated by yourself. If you wish to opt out or would like to no longer contribute to the site, please email us at studentactivities@edgehill.ac.uk and your request to be removed will be dealt with within 3 working days.