Her hidden words – Poem


Living low, living HIGH

she’s a girl,

a woman, so afraid, yet so BRAVE

but up in flames, her heart burns down.

Now on her path, off the track

slow and steady, spinning fast

gentle breeze, windy land

she is lost, but feeling safe.

I am pained, but joyous within

I smile, because I have cried

So why not? Live up this life

but why should I? never living large


Diverting, oh she is drifting

can you tell

slowly, spacing , ……..

from this writing.

I am lost again, out of rhythm,

such is life

but back to my senses,

strong and subtle.

She is smiling, she is laughing,

not frowning nor fighting,

just living and mingling

as she merrily roll her boat down the stream.

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