Consenting my Consent – A must!

I was in my closet, wearing my crown with no consent,

I was like a princess, aiming for the throne

standing by the mirror, I applauded myself.

I am beautiful, yes I know.

she is beautiful, beyond your imagination,

you said you love him but you lost him

the pieces of your broken heart, mended together

the scars and the time

her everyday tears, creating a river for her to wash away the pain.

Lusting into the arms of a stranger

I thought I finally found the one, my comforter

A friend I could trust, like my calender

she melted

fixing her eyes in his eyes

slowly, she moved closer on the sinking chair

her neck aiming towards his, and her breath washing over is face, as she whispered and asked softly,

can I kiss you? Can I kiss your smooth glossy lips?

he replied, I am not sure

she asked again, he questioned her actions

he gave in, into the arms of a friend and a stranger

he thought I was in love,

she thought she was too

said things she could not keep

she had to let him go

she was a user, was she?

she lost her crown, felt so low

hiding in her closet , huffing and puffing

she gasped for air…

Fighting the voice of condemnation

she looked through her closest and wore her crown

she giggled and said to her own ears

I am a Queen.

Although she fell but she’s not staying down

she made a mistake, but chose to learn

That consent is important

CONSENT is everything

to agree freely and readily is A must.

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