SHORT STORY: Mediocre.

No one was born to be Average. Not me, not you, no one!

She is a girl, she thinks she is a girl.  She do not  like to be called Miss or addressed as Madam. It makes her feel old. She want to be forever young but she also want to grow in knowledge, wisdom and understanding. She understands the power and value of education. She is just a girl who likes pretty things but also not carried away by vanity of the world.

Every morning she rises with hope in her eyes, as she opened the curtains wide, as the bright shiny reflection of the sun rays lays on her beautiful face, she inhales the calming cool breeze, another day to be thankful, to smile and live her dreams.

She works so hard, yet she thinks she’s worth nothing. She knows she is pretty but there are days doubts flows like a river in her heart and she drowns, deep in her own thoughts. She is strong, she held her head up, no one knows, the fire she feels, it burns, it hurts, but she lives.

She grows everyday, she is persistent, patient and consistent. She understands the season to plant and season to harvest. She understands that life is a journey and its different for everyone, but she knows she is more than a girl or a lady, or woman, she is much more, she is better, much better, she is UNIQUE.

She is a believer of good things. She has faith, she has goals, she knows distractions are real, but she is focused.

She is prayerful, she is hopeful, she is joyful, as she wakes up every morning, knowing its a brand new day, another day to shine, to get it right, to keep learning, to keep trying, to accept rejection, to be persistent, consistent, strong and patient.

because she knows she wasn’t born to be MEDIOCRE – but to Shoot for the Stars.


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