Top 10 Facts (Part #1)

Every fiction writer knows the feeling when they have a brilliant idea but, they just can’t be bothered to write it. This is no different to me although my problem is that I usually want to write something totally different.

I was sitting in my room the other day, watching all sort of funny-stupid-hilarious- horrible-ridiculous facts about pretty much anything and thought, hey, no one does this in The Quack yet. Why shall I not give it a try? (Or maybe my addiction towards researching is just getting too unbearable)
So, I have listed a few random interesting facts here, I hope you guys like it (cause I’m planning to do more of this (you might have realised the “Part #1” by now, right? But knowing myself I might just give up after the first)). (Yeah) (Enjoy)


– Fact 1:

There is a muscle called Palmaris Longus which can be OR can’t be found in your lower arms. It turns out this not really visible muscle is actually not needed for the every days. According to studies, about 14-16% of the population (the number varies in African, Asian, Native American populations) don’t have this muscle. However, the absence of the Palmaris Longus does not have any effects on tightening, clenching or grip strength so you don’t have to worry. To find out if you are one of the 14-16% stretch out your hand and touch your pinky finger with your thumb. If you flex your wrist after this, you should be able to see a thin muscle right under your palm.
Are you one of the rare people?


– Fact 2:

The reason why owls can see significantly better than other animals during the night is because, unlike other beings, they don’t have eyeballs but eye tubes. In addition to that, they are not able to move their eyes as they are fixed in their sockets which is why owls have got no choice but to rotate their heads all the time. Moreover, they are able to rotate their heads up to 270 degrees because they have got 14 cervical vertebrae. Humans have got 7. So try not to turn your neck too hard, please. (Someone needs to read my blogs.)


– Fact 3:

In Ted: Moral Behavior in Animals there is a scientific experiment, where two monkeys are supposed to hand over the scientists a rock in exchange for food. When one of the monkeys realised the other gets better food for the same price, it chose to refuse the food and threw it back at the scientist. In a later experiment, the monkeys were allowed to choose any type of food for one rock, everything was the same price. However, when their favourite food’s price was risen, they chose to buy the cheaper ones, so they can have more for less. The experiment got more interesting when the male monkeys started to ignore the food and used their money to pay females for sex who later could use the money for food.
Here is the proof monkeys and humans are related in a way.


– Fact 4:

Any classical music fans out there? One of Mozart’s most beautiful piece was published by Breitkopf & Härtel (the world’s oldest music publishing house) in 1799 after Mozart’s death. The publishers believed the music was more than great, however, they chose to change the title and lyrics and thus “Laßt froh uns sein” (“Let us be glad!”) was born. Sadly, the song’s lyrics was changed so much, Mozart’s song has completely lost its originality…
But what if I say that was the purpose?
When it comes to Mozart, some authors and historians believe Mozart was suffering of Tourette syndrome, which is when you basically swear randomly as loud as you can, not on purpose of course. Almost every letter he wrote contained at least one scatological or sexual reference. On the other hand, some historians argue he only did this to have a laugh as it was a common sense of humour in the 18th century Germany.
It turns out, his song’s original version’s lyrics is something you would not quite expect from one of the most renowned composers in history. The song’s title and refrain is “Leck mich im arsch,” which literally means “lick me in the arse.”
I’m not joking. Look it up.


– Fact 5:

There is a village in Austria close to the German border, called “Fucking.” It is believed it was found in the 6th century AD by Focko. Although the village has around 100 inhabitants, it has drawn a big attention because of its Fucking name. Because it became a popular visitor attraction, the Fucking signs are often being stolen by souvenir-hunters who has never given back the Fucking signs so far. The other commonly reported crime is when people are actually fucking in front of the Fucking signs. On an image, taken in 2014, one of the Fucking signs features the german phrase “Bitte – nichts so schnell!” which means “please not so fast!”
I’m so happy to swear when I’m actually not. Imagine using an English GPS when you’re driving there. “Your destination is Fucking.” “In 2 miles, you will reach Fucking.”
What a brilliant place.
Fucking is awesome.
I’m so sorry.


– Fact 6:

Back on the 1st of May 2007, Disney Channel was supposedly airing Handy Manny at 9.30am when all of the sudden the children’s cartoon, about the handyman and his talking tools, became something really different. The poor kids and the terrified parents were all shocked to not see the popular kid’s programme anymore but a hardcore porn video. Disney Channel of course took the issue seriously.
For me Handy Manny already sounds like an adult film anyway.
Hey, I’m foreign, don’t judge me.


– Fact 7:

Right, enough of porn!
United States, Christmas approaches. The American company Sears prints a phone number on their Colorado Springs store so that children could call Santa Claus and tell him what they would like for Christmas. That was the case back in 1955, unfortunately, the number they printed was not the company’s but Colonel Harry Shoup’s hotline who was the Director of Operations for the US Continental Air Defense. As it was expected, the calls started to pour in but instead of blocking the number, the Colonel ordered his staff to give the children updates on Santa’s flight coordinates. And this is the background of the NORAD Track Santa iPhone application.


– Fact 8:

Space and science fiction has always been one of my favourite subjects. As a fiction writer, I would love to write good sci-fis but the problem is we know so much about space by now that stories like Star Trek has become extremely unrealistic. We know aliens are not that common, travelling in space is not that simple, bla bla, the list goes on. One of the main factors that makes writing a realistic sci-fi story extremely difficult is the vastness of space.
Take the Moon for example. We can see it with the naked eye thus we tend to think it’s not that far away. Well, on a galactic scale it’s not. But actually, the distance between the Moon and the Earth is so huge we could put ALL EIGHT planets between us, leaving a few thousand kilometres of space between each. The distances between planets in space and beyond is so inconceivable it feels normal to think, we might never be able to reach anything further than Mars.


– Fact 9:

A book named, The Secret: A Treasure Hunt was published in America, 1982. The book contains 12 pictures with 12 verses, explaining clues to some hidden treasure across the United States. To find a treasure, you must match on of the paintings with one of the verses then solve the riddle and finally try to locate the specific treasure in the whole US. 30 years after the publication of the book, there is only 2 of the 12 treasures have been found. The first was found in Chicago, 1984, the second in Cleveland, 2004. The rest is still out there, so if you want to cause yourself some headaches whilst trying to solve the riddles and pay loads of money to search the US, good luck!


– Fact 10:

Okay, as an Eastern European whose nickname is a Disney character, this fact is truly close to my heart. Ted fans, listen up!
During World War II, 1942, an orphaned bear cub was given to a band of Polish soldiers by an Iranian boy. The soldiers befriended and raised the bear who in return served alongside with them in the upcoming years throughout the Middle East. Photo evidences tell the bear, who became known as Wojtek, drank about two bottles of beer with some wine everyday, and became a nicotine addict. He was later officially enlisted into the Polish Army with a rank of Corporal and kept helping on the frontline until the end of the war. So much so, at one night he caught a thief who was trying to sneak into the tent Wojtek was sleeping in. Imagine the scenario. Damn.
After the war, he was taken to a zoo in Scotland where he lived the rest of his life.


Hey, you made it to this point! Thanks very much for reading, if you enjoyed it, please leave a like or if you want share an interesting fact in the Quack like these, let me know and we can sort it out!

Stay safe.

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