Sierra Burgess is a Loser Review and Rant

Okay so Sierra Burgess is a Loser dropped on Netflix today and even though I’m supposed to be packing for my return to Edge Hill, I couldn’t help but watch it. Obviously a certain Noah Centineo was quite the factor in my procrastination. I think we have ourselves a new rom-com king my friends, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before was ace, I lived the comedy and the all around truth to the romance of it, that you can’t fall in love over night and there’s usually always bumps in the road, especially when exes are still involved. I just really enjoy him as an actor, and he’s certainly not bad to look at. But I digress, back to the real business.

This film spoke to me, like I’ve never really related to a film on such a level before. Let’s be real for a second, whenever a film does a plot involving the ‘plus size’ idea it always end up in a makeover, like they may or not lose weight but they always look significantly different from the beginning of the film till the end. And this BUGS me so bad. Like you can’t use the ‘plus size’ tag line to boost your film and then completely shit on the point through the film. It’s bloody stupid. It’s not self love if you change yourself for others. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good makeover and I thing change is normal but sometimes characters change who they are overnight and I really don’t see the point. How can you love yourself when you’re pretending to be someone else?

Sierra Burgess doesn’t change. I think this is super important to note, she lets herself fall into temptation of changing herself to fit in when she goes to the party, her hair straitened and dress a little more edgy glam, but it doesn’t last. It’s not her world and frankly she deserves a better one. I mean. I think her homecoming dress was ugly as but she rocked it. Rom-Coms are totally making a come back and I am here for it, like I need my dose of cheese. I think we need something to make us smile as the world doesn’t give us much these days. It’s nice that in this day and age of social media and the constant pressure to be perfect that people are taking notice and wanting to make a film that comments on the issues that young people face today.

It is so hard to be chubby, the world makes it feel like your weight is what defines you. I am a size 16. This is the average size for a woman in the UK, but people make me feel shame for it. I could go in a fashionable shop and have people stare at me, as if I shouldn’t shop there. Plus size girls DO NOT have to dress in frumpy, ill fitting clothes, we got curves and I’m damn well going to show them off. I love my body but not all the time, shadows of self-doubt crawl their way in and make me feel insecure. But. I’m happy, I’m studying a subject that I love, I’m currently writing a book that’s going really well, I have a loving boyfriend who I’ve been with for 3 years now. This film shows you that the chubby girl can get the boy and I did.

I have to say when Jamey gave Sierra the sunflower and slagged off the rose my heart ached, it was such a beautiful gesture, it showed that he had really listened to what she had said in her song and payed attention to her words that she had said over the phone, he did know her, despite not knowing she wasn’t Veronica. I’m not going to lie though, it is a little bit unrealistic that he would forgive her like that, what she did was messed up and her and Veronica should of payed a heavier price, but I think her naivety and immaturity changed through out the film and she became a better version of herself by learning from her mistakes. I need to say though, I was super happy to Cameron from Ferris Bueller’s  Day Off playing her dad, as that is one of my favourite films. Her relationship with her family was super interesting as well, as it gave the character a lot more depth as you see her struggle with the pressures of living in her father’s shadow as a writer and living in her mum’s shadow in terms of her ‘beauty’. It was cool to see their bond grow as she trusted them with her insecurities.

I really liked the focus on facial expressions and reactions as Jamey and Sierra texted, you could really see them falling for each other over their words. Sierra was right in the sense that they’re her words, Jamey was falling for her. It made me laugh when you could see how awkward Jamey felt when sending a picture of his body and how many attempts he made to get it perfect. It really did scream teenager to me, this is how we communicate now, and I appreciated the truth the film showed in terms of how young people talk to one another. Also Jamey was super cute with his brother and then the end credit scene saying that he teaches sign language made me melt. It’s important to note as well that Jamey really knew what he was talking about when he saidf he didn’t really like the guys on his football team, he chose his own friends, he was happy with them despite if peopple thought they were losers, he really did have the biggest heart and chose the people in his life not based on how they looked, which is why, I think, he did forgive Sierra, he saw the beauty in her without even seeing her true face.

Veronica’s story was also very truthful and powerful, I thought, because yes, she was the pretty one and you’d think she’d have everything, but she came from a broken family, was struggling academically and was also facing romantic problems, it just showed that despite her looks she wasn’t happy either. I loved the friendship they formed, it really shows not to judge a book by its cover for both characters. Sierra thought she had everything but she really didn’t. Society teaches us that how we look is all that matters and beautiful people are the happiest people but it’s really not true. It’s all just fabrication and facades to keep people from seeing the true beauty in this world. There’s lots, you just have to be willing to pull back the curtain and see it.

Overall I’d give this film a 7/10 for its awesome take on the plus size rom-com and great casting.




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