What To Pack For Uni (A very unofficial guide)

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably worried about what and what not to bring with you when moving into uni. I spent the entire week before “move in” day packing and unpacking boxes and bags unsure what to bring. It was a shambles. Now, as a fully rehabilitated heavy packer, I have more of an idea of what is and isn’t necessary when moving from home to accommodation.

Here I will provide you with my three-step programme to ensure the ultimate packing experience. If all else fails, I’ll include my personal packing list for my final year.

Step One – Think

You need to think about what you wear, use and need. That jumper you got reduced from £30 to a tenner that you never wear? Leave it. All the books you loved as a child? Leave them. Logically, your room is only so big with limited space, think minimalistically when packing. There are things which you can take as many as you want such as pictures, posters, photographs but things like clothes, books and decorations are limited so pack essentials. For me, I love plants and I could not imagine a room without my plant babies, so they take priority over other things. Think of a couple books you love reading that you could read over and over again rather than taking your whole collection. Take into consideration where on campus you’re living, if you are going to be in Main Halls you’ll be catered and probably need less cooking equipment than someone in Chancellors. Do you have en suite? you might need more bathroom accessories than someone in Forest Court with shared bathrooms.  Think, think, think.

Step Two – Plan

Now you have a good idea what you want to take and what you need. You probably, maybe, will need to buy some things (kitchenware, bathroom stuff, bedding) Budget accordingly, don’t do what I did and spend half your money on stuff for your room and then have no money for the first two weeks of uni! Write a list. I can’t tell you how much easier writing a list makes things. You can then see what you’re planning on taking and can easily cross off as you what you’ve packed and haven’t. I won’t even tell you how many pairs of jeans I took with me in first year because I wasn’t sure how many I’d packed.

Step Three – Pack

CHOOSE YOUR FIGHTER! Or just what you plan to pack your stuff in. How’re you getting to uni? This massively influences what your packing with, I drove so I could just stack the boxes in my car (and my parents car) but if you’re taking the train you might want to go with something with handles for ease. I would suggest clothes and any breakable items (laptops, glass, dishes) in a suitcase, plants in a small box so they don’t tip over, and anything else in bags. Or if you want/need under bed storage then take your stuff in the plastic storage boxes, two birds one stone.  Pack in a way so when you unpack it’s not in a random order that you have to root through for hours to try and organise. Think, clothes and hangers in one bag, kitchen stuff in another, decorations, books and posters together. You catch my drift?

You want moving in day to be as stress free and smooth sailing as humanely possible, it’s all about meeting your flatmates, making friends and having a good time not panicking because your nice new room is a tip because you packed in the wrong order and now you can’t find anything so you just tipped everything out.

Just in case you’re still worried about what to take, this is my list I made for myself for this year.


. Sheets                                        . Duvet/pillows

. Mattress protector                  . Blanket/throw

. Pictures/posters                        . Fairy lights

. Blu tack                                       . Plants

. Extension cord                           . Books

.  Storage boxes                           . Clothes x 1000

. Rug


.  Pots/pans                         . Tea towel

. Cutlery                              . Cleaning stuff

. Plates/bowls                     . Knives

. Glass/mugs                       . Utensils

. Tray                                   . Tin opener

. Tupperware                     . Recipe book


.  Towel/hand towel/ flannel                                  . Shower caddy

.  FLIPFLOPS (if you’re sharing a bathroom)      . Straighteners

.  Wash stuff (shampoo, face wash)                     . Toilet roll

.  Hairdryer                                                                 . Makeup


. Notebooks            .  Corkboard/whiteboard              . Pen drive

. Pens                      .  Laptop                                            . Books

. Folders                  .  Printer                                          . Flash cards



Take my words of wisdom, less is more.

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