Facing the past.

Over the summer I’ve had a lot of time to think….

As I am doing a childhood, youth and criminology degree, I didn’t release that my degree would bring up stuff I’d tried to forget or basically run away from.

Basically I had a pretty shit childhood and had to grow up and be independent way before I was ready. People often ask me why I chose my degree and the honest answer is, I wanted to make a difference, but I didn’t realise that studying the justice system, safeguarding etc., that I still felt so angry at authority and I was left questioning ‘why did they let me down? Why didn’t they help or protect me? But unfortunately I don’t think I will ever know these answers….

But anyway my point in this post is that it is ok to admit when things get tough or that you aren’t over something you thought you were. And the biggest lesson is you can’t run from feelings about the past, you have to face them head on, which trust me is a big challenge.
As it’s nearly time for the first term to start, I just want to say if you’re struggling, ask for help and also try to enjoy University and be the best you can be 🙂

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