Ant-Man and The Wasp: Review



So Ant-Man and The Wasp came out recently and although I did enjoy it the first thing I have to comment on is the obvious filler aspect of it.

This film’s purpose was to explain the quantum realm and introduce us to the ideas of the time portals that can be found within it. In Infinity War, Dr Strange explained to Tony that he only saw one way for them to defeat Thanos and it would be at a cost. Perhaps this is why he gave up the time stone, it wasn’t to save Tony it was simply to put the wheels in motion for their success, and these time portals may be another way to travel towards that victory.

Scott Lang is an ace dad, just saying, he would do anything for his daughter and doesn’t shy away from sharing his experiences as Ant-Man with her, he inspires this confidence within her to be a better person and to help others, which is why for ‘show and tell’ she wants to show off her dad, to tell people what he means to her, and why he is her hero. His relationships with the other characters are one of the reasons why he is probably one of the most relatable heroes to grace the screens of the Avengers franchise. His use of humour and sarcasm is a perfect front for his insecurities surrounding his damaged relationship with Hank Pym and Hope Van Dyne, after they journeyed to Berlin to help Captain America, making them all criminals in the eyes of the Government. Especially with Hope because of their romantic connection which blossomed in his solo film.

Marvel’s use of humour is iconic within its own right as the audience doesn’t need to know anything about the other films to enjoy it, it’s fun to watch either way. The guy running into the salt shaker that Hope made big still makes me laugh weeks after seeing it and Scott pretending to be a whale when he was heading for the boat as Giant-Man is as hilarious as it is ridiculous. The humour makes the film and I think that is where DC go wrong sometimes, people need to laugh, if it’s too serious it won’t work.

The villain of this film, I have to say, was one of the worst I have ever seen. Her story line, although sad, was predictable and somewhat unnecessary, she was literally there to put a slight kink in Pym’s master plan to get his wife back. And then we also had businessman Sonny Burch who alluded to external parties being interested in the quantum realm, can you say Hydra? Sonny was just a filler character creating obstacles for the heroes to jump over, this also seemed like a massive waste of time. It almost felt like an episode of Scooby Doo, especially with the back and forth nature of the lab. It was just 2 hours of chase with a little bit of content necessary for the next films.

There were little eater eggs within the film, one that may of alluded to Disney getting their hands on FOX and thereby Deadpool due to the Pez dispenser that Luis carried and Hope made bigger to throw at the enemies, as one of the promo posters for Deadpool 2 saw him carrying an unusually large Hello Kitty Pez dispenser. Coincidence? Probably not.

One of the only things that saved the film for me personally was the comedy, as I mentioned before, and the flashy fight scenes, especially the cars in the little Hot Wheels chase. But making things smaller and bigger in the name of comedy can only carry the film so far, so lets talk about the comedy king of the film Luis, the way he tells stories gives me life, he’s so funny and adorable and you can’t help but root for him and the team he has, because even though they’re all ex-criminals, they’re trying to better their lives and you can’t help but want the underdogs to do well. This of course applies to Scott as well. He went to prison, he did commit crimes but he wants to help people, he wants to make things better, for himself, his friends and his family. This film, in a way, acts as Scott’s redemption as his relationship with his family is so much better, despite being under house arrest. And he manages to earn his way back into Hope and Hank’s lives by helping them find Janet whilst protecting her from Ghost.

The ending seemed a little too good to be true when Janet helped Ava stabilise her condition for good without any problems, it just made the film seem a little irrelevant  as all of that trouble was for nothing, and they all lived happily ever after… Not. The end credit scene really saved the film’s ending, leaving Scott in the quantum realm whilst Hope, Hank and Janet faded away, leaving the audience shocked, especially with the credit at the end which said ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp will return … ?’. It really set the tone towards the excitement for Infinity War part 2 and opened the door to what could happen next. I half expected Captain America to show up at the second end credit scene with that stupid self-help video ‘Patience…’, but no, it was the ant playing the drums.

So there you have it, despite it only being a filler film it wasn’t awful and had some brilliant scenes. Overall it was a little bit cliche and almost unnecessary, all it did was create a bridge between one film and another. So for that reason I’m going to score it a 6.5/10.




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