Air Show Soars Above Blackpool

Blackpool hosted its annual air show on 11th and 12th of August, which drew in thousands of tourists, locals, and visitors from abroad to witness the skills of pilots.

Thankfully the sun shone right up until the last few pilots before the weather began to change.

The opening aerobatics were the wing walkers who recreated various roller coaster maneuvers hundreds of feet in the sky.  Additionally, the duo of aircrafts provided close encounter stunts as each pilot flew in from different directions with one starting at Central Pier and the other from North Pier.

The two-orange aircraft with the titles of The Flying Circus, which were established in 1984, swooped low over the beaches of Blackpool with smoke effects trailing the aircraft.  With there being no wind, the smoke lingered in the sky after each pass which allowed for different photographs to be taken.

Adam Kean, Lizzie Couldwell, and Lewis Miles were on the promenade amazed at the skills of the pilots and wing walkers.

Roller coaster and aircraft enthusiast Adam Kean said “I really enjoy watching the wing walkers and old aircraft doing stunts at over 200 feet up.

“Watching the Lancaster Bomber always brings a tear to my eye.”

Adam added, “As always, seeing the Typhoon Euro Fighter is the highlight, its power is amazing.”

Tourists lined the promenade, all three piers, and Blackpool Tower, at 512 feet, it provided a unique viewing platform to see the show.

Sadly, there was no Gyrocopter on day one, but there were plenty of unique stunts.  Following on from the wing walkers was the Lancaster Bomber and two Spitfires flyby.  The Lancaster Bomber was involved in World War 2 and to see this amazing aircraft, one of only a couple that is still allowed to fly, was a moment to savor.

With the clouds closing in, the crowds were hoping that the rain would stay away until the final, which was the roar of the Typhoon.

The pilot arrived in Blackpool with an amazing entrance showing the crowds the sheer power of this aircraft.  The Typhoon then proceeded to perform various stalls, loops and twists along the beach front with amazing precision.

The Red Arrows performed aerobatics on the Sunday as a closure to another spectacular show and display of skill by the pilots.

After the show, several visitors descended on to the Pleasure Beach for late night riding and the fireworks.  All the rides were open, with Icon, the spectacular new steel roller coaster, receiving the most attention.

The Pleasure Beach has received nothing but praise for the introduction of this amazing roller coaster, showing that once again, steel designs can be amazingly smooth, fun and unique.

Following the closure of the rides at the south side of the park, the display of fireworks, as always, provided an excellent background, or foreground depending on where they were being watched, for Icon and The Big One.

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