Already Strong – A Short Story

From a little girl she had big dreams in her heart, longing for love but instead she got rejection, she had to grow up too soon, learn how to survive, she’s already strong.

He took her innocence, my god she was only 8, she remembers all the things he said, he cut her down like his zipper. No one there to protect her, authority let her down. Now that you’ve grown up with this notion that you were to blame, as that little girl who shone like a star even after his lazy heart put her through hell. By the time she was 18, she had to go, she couldn’t stay around, they stole the light the life and the child inside of her. She had this fire inside of her to prove them wrong. She was worth something, she could achieve. The past will fade with the future that she craves.

Running for the train to take her far away from everything she knows and the way they make her feel, running from the haunted memories, wanna make a new start, she’s seen too much at 22. Finally you think you’re free but it won’t take long ’til reality hits, bad memories eat you up, you seem so strong but feel a mess inside, hard to survive, to keep your sanity, trying to escape the pain, start again.

Now she has people who love and care, thanking her lucky stars for them, all she longed for was a warm caress, all she wants is happiness, never lose track, you’re already strong.

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