I WILL SURVIVE!: Survival tips for Edge Hill students who don’t drink

You do not have to disregard your beliefs and values to enjoy or have fun here at Edge Hill.

Although there is a bar on campus, there are also alternatives for students who do not drink or don’t like going to the bars. You can still relax, have fun and destress here at Edge Hill. So here are some tips to enjoy your time at the University without going against your beliefs and values.

First you do not have to go to bars to make friends,  the best and valuable friends you will make will be from the University societies, your course and maybe few from around on campus and the library;  friends who shares same interests as you do.

  1. Join a society; sports such as badminton, basketball, volleyball, hockey. Other societies include Christian Union, Nutrition Society, the Allotment group, crafternoon and many more can be find on the link below. Join and go, have fun. click here
  2. Make friends.
  3. If you stay on campus, go for a long nature walk. Edge Hill is known to be ever green. The lake side, the running track and Ruff Woods are just opposite, behind the university gym. Watch the sunset during summer and relax.
  4. Bake something new or create a new recipe.
  5. Invite a friend over and bake together.
  6. Play music, karaoke, have fun.
  7. Design something crafty for your room; come to a Crafternoon.
  8. If you are religious, learn more. Join a group on campus. The prayer group for Muslims or Christians. The MAGNOLIA room close to the bus stop at the entrance is open to students and for prayers too.
  9. Mini care and treats for yourself. If you do not have the money, do it yourself. Poundland have kits for nail care and many more.
  10. Get occupied; be a Rep for your course or volunteer to help out with something you enjoy or can even start a blog (does not even have to be that serious).
  11. Bake something for the flatmates.
  12. Listen to motivational songs or read a book.
  13. Go to the library. The library is your friend, you could make a few friends there that will help you study.
  14. Call a friend to check up on them.
  15. Feed the ducks! Grab some oats from your cupboard.
  16. Leave your room and walk around campus and admire the views, take pictures, breathe in the fresh air.
  17. Go cycling.
  18. Meal prep for the week if you have free weekends.
  19. Tell someone they are beautiful.
  20. Eat good brain food, feel good. Treat yourself with a healthy meal.
  21. Do not be judgemental, be free, ask questions and enjoy the diverseness of the University.
  22. Join language class, such as French, German or Spanish.
  23. Teach a friend something you just learnt, and you might just learn something too.
  24. Volunteer when you can; show off your room on open days, help with your course on open days.
  25. Take time to reflect on the day, week or the semester.
  26. Go to a fancy restaurant and treat yourself alone or with friends.
  27. Get some face masks for a night in with a friend, make it a ladies or guys night in.
  28. Go to the Free Film Fridays in the Art centre on campus.
  29. Do a movie night in.
  30. Explore Ormskirk. Take a day and go for a long walking adventure.
  31. More money? Explore Liverpool. It’s only 25mins away on train which is just a short walk from the bus stop.
  32. Go clothes shopping.
  33. Call your parents and families; even if there is nothing much to say just hanging on to their voice could ease off lots of stress. Try this..
  34. Learn something new; on campus, off campus or even on YouTube.

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