Have fun & release stress at Campus Sport

Campus Sport offers a wide range of activities for students including Badminton, Trampolining, Walking Football and Table Tennis. The Sports Centre has two sports halls, a swimming pool, fully equipped gymnasium and outstanding facilities including changing rooms, cafe, and separate changing rooms for the pool.

There is also an outdoor running track and multiple Football, Rugby and American Football pitches. Other sports that students can take part in are Tennis, Water Polo, Rounders, Hockey, Volleyball, Basketball, Netball and students can try out for official teams for the University. For more information visit the Sports Centre near the car parks on campus.

There are many teams that students can join including the Men and Women’s Football teams, American Football and Rugby teams all of which compete in Varsity towards the end of the academic year. For three years in a row, Team Edge Hill have been victorious over University of Central Lancashire.


Not only is taking part in sports a fun and healthy past time, it also helps the mind to reduce stress and worries in everyday life.  Taking the timeout from studying and joining Team Edge Hill or just playing sport casually is an important part of student life.  Playing any of the numerous sports available helps to improve fitness, release study related anxieties and best of all meet new people and make new friends.

The Sports Centre offers a wide range of healthy activities that all students can become involved with.  During Welcome Week, 2018, students can find out about joining teams and the various offers available.



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