RHS Flower Show 2018

Scent of the flowers at Tatton Park RHS Flower Show

The Cheshire countryside was once again blessed with warm temperatures at the RHS Flower Show at Tatton Park, 21 July.

On the field behind the main hall were several exhibits of garden designs, food outlets, and music entertainment as well as a wonderful array of flowers, ornaments, garden furniture and summer buildings for sale.

Relaxing music was played all day which was enjoyed by thousands of visitors to the annual attraction at the park. While having a drink or bite to eat, the music melodies delighted the visitors with the harmonic sounds.

Music on Saturday was performed by Ann-Marie Purcell and the band who played instruments including the drums, piano, cello and saxophone, and Steve Holmes who plays the saxophone and clarinet. The songs played really brought out the summer feeling to the flower show.

One of the main highlights was the Bee Hive theatre which gave presentations on how to encourage Bees into the garden and to improve pollination of plants, as well as the welfare of the Bees themselves. Due to the differences in plants that people are buying, two types of Bees are becoming a very rare sight.

Julia Piggot from Bee Ed said

“We run a nature reserve in Kendal for Bees and we educate both adults and children about pollinators.

“The message to get out there is the importance of insects that pollinate flowers.”

Jacqui Cottam, the Chair of Governors at Heron Hill School in Kendal added

“We have six hives of Bees at the school and it is smashing to have been at the Tatton Park Flower Show to talk about keeping Bees in schools.”

The Bee Hive talks went on throughout the day educating visitors on the types of plants that Bumble Bees and other types of Bees need to help improve their population numbers and pollination of flowers.

Bumble Bee characters entertained the crowds at the Bee Hive and gave visitors the chance to have their photographs taken with a full-size Bee.

Several schools in Cheshire had designed and constructed gardens that were themed around painters including Monet, William Morris, Banksy and most famous of all Vincent Van Gogh. The schools involved included St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Saint Peter and Paul Catholic College and St James’ Church of England Primary School.

On display at the flower show were embroidered garden objects, two of which were a larger than life wheelbarrow and watering can that were sewn in multiple colours. The passion of work by people was incredible.

Near the Bus Bar were stations decorated in various insects such as butterflies landing on wildflowers.

Staff for the event made such a wonderful effort to organize the flower show and it was great to see the visitors enjoying the hard work.


Planning has already begun for the 2019 festival and no doubt it will be a resounding success.

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