Avengers: Infinity War: Review & Sequel Talk

*Warning: Major Spoilers*

Avengers: Infinity War was quite possibly the most anticipated movie of the year, maybe even longer, for the simple reason that other marvel characters and franchises were brought together for this one film. We see Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Strange, Spider-man and Black Panther coexist with the original Avengers and work together in order to defeat Thanos.

As much as I loved this film, there was one thing that wouldn’t stop bugging me after I left the cinema. Doctor Strange envisioned one outcome where they won the fight…and told NO ONE. Also, Strange gave up the Time Stone to Thanos (in order to save Iron Man), which I’m assuming was part of his premonition in which there is only one out of 14 million possible outcomes where they win the fight. Knowing this…shouldn’t he have told (at the very least) Iron Man how they can win this war? So they can take strategy and make some sort of formulated plan? Apparently not. He wanted to keep that one to himself. It’s not like the fate of half the universe’s population was at stake or anything…

Now, of course, if he had of broken the news on how they can win, then the ending of this film wouldn’t have happened and there would be no need for a sequel. I understand that, but still, it seems farfetched that Strange wouldn’t divulge priceless information in order to save lives, especially when the end resulted in his own death.

Aside from that plot hole, the film reached new heights, especially action wise. There didn’t seem to be a light moment for this film. With too many characters and storylines to deal with, this Avengers film lost a key element: its humour. Sure, there were funny moments, because what is better to counteract a tense or scary moment? Exactly, nothing, but Avengers has almost always felt like humour was one of its main strengths, and the action and the villains were a close second. Infinity War felt too serious to me, but I suppose each film has been leading up to this moment and when a character wants to murder half the population, the humour would kind of take a back seat. So I don’t blame the writers for that, but still, it was something I was missing.

One thing I did admire was the writers for making Thanos a sympathetic character. Instead of painting him as utterly crazy and vengeful, they gave Thanos his own backstory. They took the time to explain his reasoning for wanting the infinity stones and wiping out half the population. Essentially, his reasoning was: there’s an overpopulation and limited resources, therefore, in order to survive, people need to die, right? This had many fans wondering how to feel about Thanos. With some saying at the end of the day he didn’t seem to be trying to save the universe any other way. His first and only thought was to kill. Which is fair enough, but there were a lot of fans who sympathised with him and his reasoning.

This isn’t the first time Avengers have given us a controversial ‘bad guy’. In The Avengers, we had Loki. The Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D immediately butt heads when discussing how to deal with Loki after he plans to conquer Earth using the Tesseract. This created a lot of friction with Thor, who didn’t want his brother to die, or for humans to interfere with Asgardian matters. Further tension follows when the Avengers realise S.H.I.E.L.D intended to use the Tesseract’s power to develop weapons against extra-terrestrials. Despite his plans to rule over Earth, (and the multiple murders he committed along the way) fans were drawn to Loki as a character. They felt sympathy for him after discovering he wasn’t the true son of Odin, or even Asgardian at all. Loki was abandoned by his real father Laufey when he saw Loki was small and weak for his kind. Also Loki is of the very race (Frost Giants) that are Asgard’s sworn enemies. When he discovers this he feels alone, betrayed and sickened by the thought that he revelled in killing members of his own kind for years. Fans connected with this story and saw the whole ‘villain’ persona isn’t as black and white as they thought.

I think this is why the Avengers franchise is so popular. All characters involved have sympathetic natures in some way. The writers make the fans really think about their opinions, rather than just portraying a one-dimensional villain for us to hate. Everyone has a background. Everyone has a story to tell. And Infinity War was no different.

Thanos is from a planet called Titan, and he watched as it became overpopulated and began running out of resources. Thanos put forward a plan to save his people by suggesting they kill half the population in order to rebuild. He was seen as crazy and exiled. In some flashback scenes we see that his planet died because they didn’t listen to his warnings. Alone, he took it upon himself to make sure the same thing doesn’t happen to other planets. When he hears about the stones, he realises he has a chance to change everything.

Now for the twist ending that no one saw coming…or at least mostly no one. Thanos acquires all the infinity stones and activates it. Half the universe population disintegrates, including most of the main characters. Doctor Strange, Star Lord, Black Panther are just some of the faces that were wiped from existence. For a brief ten minutes you’re sat there thinking ‘what the hell just happened’ before you realise – oh wait: they killed off almost all characters except the original six Avengers. And though Hawkeye wasn’t in the film, you can almost guarantee he didn’t die either. Probably intending to bring him back for Avengers 4.

We either know, or highly suspect to be getting another individual film for each character franchise e.g. Spider-Man Homecoming sequel, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3, Black Panther 2 and Doctor Strange 2. So we know Avengers 4 has to fix what Infinity War setup. As of now, the only Guardians left alive are Rocket and Nebula…and that’d make for an awkward GOTG Vol 3

We all know the untitled Avengers 4 will be a huge reset button. They’ll figure out a way to defeat Thanos, get the infinity gauntlet and reset history, bringing back all the characters who died so they’re able to carry on their own franchises.

For now, Infinity War was full action, storylines and managed to encapsulate all those characters into one film without any one character feeling left out…(Hawkeye aside)… If you haven’t seen it yet, then you really, really need to.

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