My Experience of Being a Fresher at Edge Hill University! by Grace Bajo

Are you a Fresher? Well, I was once called that too! But now I’m just about to start my 3rd year in September 2018, time goes by so fast! By now, I know a thing or two about being a student at Edge Hill, want to know more?


My experience as a fresher was in a word ‘superb’, well maybe a bit exaggerated, but it was good. I remember feeling excited travelling down to Edge Hill on Welcome Sunday, but I also felt apprehensive as I never came for the open days.  I felt like my whole life was about to start again. I did not even notice the environment, buildings or the ever-flowing lakes while I went to pick up my keys from the Faculty of Health building but later that night I held on to something positive. In my head, the team at Edge Hill are welcoming, friendly and caring. I mean they really are, because more than half of my luggage was moved to the top floor by the Welcome Team, it was more like they knew I was tired.

However, I was not too tired that same evening to have a pizza night with my new flatmates. I suppose everyone wanted to talk and feel at home, just like I wanted to. My flatmates were all ladies and it was a quiet area, based on my preferences. One of my biggest worries was me overthinking how untidy my flatmates might be, but they were hygienic. I am a clean freak, so I was so glad we had cleaners during weekdays that looked after the kitchen and kept it clean.

Now to the exciting week, Freshers’ Week! This was loads of fun, with freebies and games. I remember winning a mini first aid kit just by randomly selecting a number. It was superb, and I mean amazing! Making new friends was on top of my list, as well as keeping fit.  Edge Hill have different societies and facilities for different students. I am personally quiet and not a party type, so going to social, the bars and Alpine was not for me. I joined the Badminton Team, the Christian Union and got a gym membership. However, there are many more societies and facilities that I could have accessed, so let me tell you now, just so you know. Close to the gym is a running track which is ever green. I love nature and sometimes during the lovely weather I find it as a place to escape, it’s peaceful and filled with harmonies of the birds and wheezing breeze. Campus is really beautiful, there is so much you can get involved with, I joined the running team too, which is open to everyone.

I spent a lot of time with my flatmates as well, and we baked often in my first year. Ooh, did I tell you that I still have my friend I met from the Christian Union till now, almost 3 years later!

The only down side for me as a fresher was travelling to Liverpool although it’s actually very easy to get the train to Liverpool central, where I would usually go to get my hair done. But I couldn’t be bothered as a fresher, so I ended up wearing my natural hair most of the time, which was ok, just that I missed my braids, life was extra easier for me with braids. Traveling around wasn’t too bad really, and getting to class was just less than 5-minute walk.

I personally wanted to remember my time at Edge Hill not only for my degree but as a student. I always tried to find something that I could enjoy and that would challenge myself. Although accessing the information took ages, I would encourage you to visit the Student’s Union website and spend a few hours scrolling through their page just to get hold of every opportunities available. Same goes for the University page as well.

During my second year I was a student and faculty representative on my course and this is open to students on all courses. Alright, enough of year 2. Let’s go back in time, back to when I was a fresher.

Essays got me thinking, but my tutors were very supportive. Academic support was also available, as was Career support, the Library help desk and Uni Skills. I remember getting my work proofread by the Library staff and I went for a Uni Skills session on how to write a chronological CV, which was helpful. Basically, Edge Hill gives you all the ingredients and recipes, including the guide to cook a delicious meal but you still get to cook it yourself. I never bought any textbooks because the library has so many that you can just borrow them for free. Edge Hill has loads of free stuff; the bus is free, but don’t forget your Uni card, you need it to get on the bus, books are free, what else? Well, there are cats around the campus that you’ll see from time to time. I personally don’t really like cats, but I think they’re cute.

Locating the shops in town was fairly easy, once you know where you’re going. I headed out of campus in the wrong direction the first time, after about 5 or 10 minutes of walking past green fields, I realised I was probably going in the wrong direction! So now I know, when you leave campus, go RIGHT. This lead me into town and thanks to the people who directed me, to Aldi and Morrisons. Morrisons was much easier to get to, but Aldi has been, and still is a life saver.

It’s so hard to tell you all about my fresher’s experience without diverting back to the present because it has all been positive. Be sure not to miss Freshers’ Week for anything. More and more societies are coming up and they are always a great chance to make friends that share similar interests with you.

In summary to cover up for this long essay of mine, Edge Hill is friendly, helpful and accommodating. They let you do the work, but they make it easy for you and there are lots of societies and opportunities to die for.

If I could be a fresher again, I would say to myself, ASK: always ask, no matter what the question might be. There is power in asking.

Welcome to Edge Hill, in knowledge there is opportunity.




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