Top tips for Freshers from students and staff!

We know it can be a bit scary (but unbelieveably exciting!) starting your first year at University! Firstly, let us reassure you that you are NOT alone here at Edge Hill! You’ve picked a Uni with amazing staff, a beautiful campus, some of the best facilities, almost-officially some of the top student accommodation in the UK… oh, and a pretty awesome Students’ Union (biased much?!) – we are a super friendly bunch who are here to help you with any questions you have, so PLEASE get in touch if you’re struggling in any way. It is TOTALLY normal to be feeling nervous, and try to remember that no matter how confident people can appear on the outside, pretty much most our new starters are feeling a bit shaky inside, so embrace the madness, and get involved!

We asked 20 people for their Top Tips for Freshers at Edge Hill Uni………..

Welcome Week is one you don’t want to miss! No matter how tired you may be try to make the most of the events. Don’t lock yourself up in your room, make the effort to get speak to as many new people as possible 🙂 The Welcome fair/ Freshers fair is your chance to get involved with Societies and Teams, one of my favourite parts of Uni life!

Dan, VP Activities

Make sure you join a team or a society, this new group of people will become a University family for you. When I was a student, Men’s Rugby Union and the Christian Union were the team and society I joined.

We have a Subway… not much else needs to be said.

Throw yourself into as many activities/events as you can, this can help with meeting new people, help make friends and do things you haven’t done before. Check out the Give It A Go programme to assist you with this.

Ben, SU President

Make sure you join a society! You’ll make friends, and get to do some really cool things. My personal faves during my time at Edge Hill were LGBT+, Murder Mystery, and Labour Students.

I might be biased here, but please do get involved with the SU! Through volunteering, being a course rep, or a part-time officer. My University experience would be completely different if I hadn’t started volunteering with EHSU in first year!

Remember that everyone’s in the same boat. It can be really nervy leaving home for the first time, and it’s ok and normal to feel worried or anxious. If you ever need some help, there’s plenty of people at Edge Hill to support you. We’ve got your back.

Rosie, VP Welfare

The others have already talked about joining Sports or Societies, but I’m going to as well, because it’s great! There’s one for pretty much everything (I used to run the Harry Potter Society) and you can join one here. If you think one should exist that doesn’t yet, you can start one here. It’s a great way to meet new people who share your interests, however unusual, nerdy, or downright weird.

Have the details of our Advice Team on hand! Esther and Phil are advice experts & support heroes – if you need help with any issues, you can book an appointment online here, and our Advice Centre is in the blue corner of our SU Building (opposite the Hub).

Remember that the SU is independent from the Uni, and we work for you. We’re run by students, for students – so if you want to get involved in the campaigns we run or the decisions we make, have a go and run in one of our elections**, propose an idea for us to work on, or just come in and chat!

Luke, VP Academic Representation

Ormskirk is surrounded by some lovely places, so don’t be afraid to explore your surroundings! We’re in the heart of a massive farming community, so have some amazing farm shops and quirky markets nearby… I’d definitely recommend checking out Taylor’s Farm Shop for unbelievable produce, and Cedar Farm and Inglenook Farm have brilliant monthly artisan/craft markets. Also, you have to do a canal walk from Burscough and visit the Ship Inn, as well as Burscough Wharf, with some lovely little tea rooms, bars and restaurants.

Lizzie, Edge Hill Students’ Union

Our Students’ Union isn’t all about the SU Bar and Venue – we’ve put together a great programme of day and night time events in our ‘GIVE IT A GO!’ programme… I’d definitely recommend signing up for the crafternoon sessions – you get to make things to take away with you, and who doesn’t love a bit of tie-dye?!

Katie, Edge Hill Students’ Union

If you’re offered any ‘meet the tutors’ or networking opportunities, take them! I lived off campus, and it was so useful for me to make some friends on my course, and build a good relationship with my tutors, which you’ll quickly realise is SO helpful!

Beth, Creative Writing Alumni

Explore your beautiful campus, even if you’re not living on campus! Did you know there’s a beach? Ducks? Uni cats?! Arts Centre?… Make sure you get hold of a campus map, and spend an hour having a wander… you might be surprised what you find!

Jenny, Edge Hill 2nd Year Student

Yes, we’ve got an amazing sports centre and tons of sports societies, but if you’re not the sort of person who wants to commit all the time, keep an eye out for sports taster sessions that are running through the year as part of ‘GIVE IT A GO!’. There’s also a brilliant 5km park run that takes place on a Saturday morning on campus – it’s open to students and the public, and has people of all abilities taking part… you can even bring the kids or push a pram round!

Limor, Edge Hill Students’ Union

Test the public transport connections!! We’ve got links to Liverpool, Preston and Manchester for good shopping. Me and my friends went to Formby to see the red squirrels and the unbelievable beach there in the summer… there’s also Southport for some classic British seaside town fun – fish, chips and candyfloss compulsory!

Vicky, Edge Hill 3rd Year Student

If you’re still feeling a bit alone after a few days, don’t worry – get in touch with the SU to find the details of our sabbatical officers and part-time reps – they’re here to represent all students, so we can match you up with the one that’s relevant and they can give you some tips for what’s going on, where to go and people to speak to.

Paul, Edge Hill Students’ Union

The first thing I always say to new students is “bring things to make your new room into your new home”! We get a wave of homesickness cases about a month into university after all the fun has started to die down and after it starts feeling less like a holiday. I felt it myself when I first moved into Clough in Main Halls. As soon as I put photos of friends and family up, some fairy lights and a bit of wrapping paper as wall paper, I felt a hundred times better.

When you’re going to be spending the majority of your personal time in somewhere it needs to feel like a home!

Alex, Campus Life Team

SUBWAY! It’s tucked away in the SU Building, but probably the best one I’ve been to ever!! You’ll be able to smell it out…

David, Edge Hill 2nd Year Student

Budget Budget Budget! I made the biggest mistake in my 1st year by not budgeting – sometimes it’s hard to realise you may have to compromise your lifestyle a little, but actually, it’s more about making wise choices like cooking bulk meals, or shopping in the right places (Aldi!!)

Lauren, Education Alumni

Look after yourself! It’s really easy to get into a rut of eating junk and being a bit lazy, but Edge Hill has got loads of healthy options, with nice salads at the SU Bar and SUBWAY, and a really brilliant gym and pool at Edge Hill Sports Centre.

Toby, Edge Hill Students’ Union

Go to the housing workshops! I fell out with one of my flatmates in my 2nd year, and it was the worst time!! Also, we had a few problems with our landlord so the Advice centre were really helpful in guiding us through it…

Sinead, Edge Hill 2nd Year Student

Get involved! It sounds simple, but the more you get involved in everything that’s going on, the more you’re going to get back from your time at Uni, make new friends etc. If you don’t, you risk becoming homesick, being a bit isolated, and you’re not going to enjoy the experience in the same way!

Arthur, Edge Hill Students’ Union

Have a look at the Arts Centre listings – there’s such an eclectic calendar on through the year, and I love that they’ve normally got lots of student stuff going on, so exhibitions of Student art, and student performances.

Chloe, Edge Hill 2nd Year Student.  

If you’re living in halls on campus, make sure you go to your Halls BBQ in the week after Welcome Week – it really is the best way to meet everyone you’re going to be sharing your kitchen with!

Richard, Postgrad Edge Hill Student

Enjoy the freedom!!! I can remember the moment my parents drove away, I became the person I wanted to be, and didn’t have to live under anyone else’s rules! Not that I went mad or anything, but If I wanted to stay out until 2am, I could, and wouldn’t have someone waiting by the front door…. I did still miss my mum and dad a bit though – mostly on a Sunday when I didn’t have anyone to cook me tea!!

Amy, Edge Hill 2nd Year Student

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