Five Ways to Improve Your Student Room

Originally posted on by Charlotte Guilpain | March 2016

Whether you live on or off campus, your student room is somewhere that can truly reflect who you are as a person. Whether you’re a slob, neat freak, have a love for photos of cats, or pretty much never leave the comforts of your bed; your room is your own personal space that you can decorate to your hearts content.

I’ve comprised a short list of things you can do to make your room even better with the help of Edge Hill students. I would also like to say thanks to the students that took the time to take pictures of their rooms on campus for this post.

  1. Posters – to fill large wall spaces, it’s also a great way to show some of your interests whether it’s your love for Zac Efron, obsession for the series Breaking Bad or devotion to the Harry Potter franchise. Edge Hill holds a poster sale every now and then, so keep an eye out for that. There’s also some great websites such as these that offer plenty of choice:

My Room - Graduates


  1. Make your bed super-cosy – choose a duvet set you like and add extras to make it even more comfy, pillows, blankets, and fluffy teddies, make a god damn bed fortress if you want to. Anything that’ll make sitting in bed all day and binge watching episodes of Game of Thrones that little bit more of a luxury.

Steph - Chancellors

  1. Fill the shelves, windowsills and other surfaces with personal ornaments and keepsakes from home; again it just makes your room that little bit more you. If you’re the type to get homesick, it’s comforting to have things that make you feel more at home.

Steph - Chancellors

  1. Photos of friends and family – another great way to fill all those bare spaces in your room. There’s plenty of great websites that don’t charge a fortune for you to print off as many memories as you desire. You can really get creative with how you display your photos, stick them to your wall, peg them onto string or even just buy some cheap photo frames to put them in.

Amy - Graduates

  1. Desk space – it doesn’t necessarily just have to be a work area, I found that my record player fitted perfectly on one side, and then all my uni work fitted well on the other.

My Room - Graduates

My Room - Graduates

Beth - Chancellors

Little Thing’s go a Long Way: it’s true, just a small little detail can make your uni room even more awesome than it was before, here’s some extra little ideas you could consider:

  • Give your room a warm glow with fairy lights, you can pick them up at most supermarkets / homeware stores or order them online
  • Not a fan of the carpet? Add a small rug
  • Put up a wall hanging, which can even be put on the ceiling – there’s plenty to choose from on websites like Amazon and eBay.
  • Fake plants are great if you’re like me and are the type to forget that plants need water more than once a year…
  • Decorating your name board, doodle on it, put stickers on it, sprinkle glitter on it….anything

Tom - Graduates

Beth - Chancellors

My Room - Graduates

Know any other ways to decorate your student room? Then feel free to share your ideas in the comments :)

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